Financial Pictures Advanced Wealth Dynamics Day

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“Achieving Extreme Business Success by unlocking the power of your team”

Ultimately business is not only about the systems and process that create the structure for delivering value. As every business grows it requires a bigger and more complex team to drive things forward. Every entrepreneur reaches the point where they realize that in business there is only one thing more important than them in the business – and that is the team that they build and develop.

Too often however the teams that are built do not work as intended – and are often more of a hindrance to the business than a help!

  • The wrong people are appointed, for various reasons!
  • People are moved around to try to make them more effective!
  • Frustrations build which eventually erupt and cause damage to the people and to the business!

How can one do a better job at growing and building an effective team?

At Financial Pictures, we believe that to build an effective team means ensuring that you not only have people with the right attitude, skills, and experience but also people with the right natural energy and strengths that match the needs of the business as it grows and develops. Understanding and applying your own natural energy and strength and those of your team are the key to building an effective team.

During the Advanced Wealth Dynamics Day, we will show how to use the Wealth Dynamics profile as a tool to unlock the value and power of your team. We will also highlight the steps necessary to deliver extreme business success through the team you have and the team you are building.

The Advanced Wealth Dynamics Program will cover;

  • The Wealth Creation formula
  • A review of the Wealth Dynamics profile tool and what is actual means
  • The six steps to wealth creation
  • Engaging others through profiles
  • The law of effective teams
  • Building a balanced team
  • The seven phenomena of flow – leveraging profiles to add value
  • Identifying the profile of your business and unlocking business value

The Advanced Wealth Dynamics Program will touch on issues of;

  • Value creation
  • Critical moments
  • Effective questioning
  • Attention types
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Vision
  • Leadership

In business, there is only one thing more important than you – the team that climbs with you!


Where: TBA

Times: 08h30 to 16h30

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     Value: $295.– incl. GST