Suddenly poor in the rich city

In Zurich tens of thousands of people are affected by poverty. They are hardly noticed. Oliver is one of them – a story of descent. If Oliver learns a woman, he immediately declares: “I always say three things. First: I am poor. Second, I am sick. Thirdly: “Oliver stops. His gaze is glassy, his concentration fades. The conversation exhausted him. Oliver suffers from […]

Work and Travel in Neuseeland

Klick   auf das tolle Foto und gib bitte Deinen Namen und Email Adresse ein, für den sofortigen Zugriff auf Dein Video über Work and Travel in Neuseeland. (No span, ever. Emails are never shared) Hast Du Lust über meine Erfahrungen in Neuseeland zu hören? Wann und wo: In Zürich zwischen dem 23 Juni bis … 7 Juli. […]

Slash Your Taxes Now!

Are you paying more in taxes than you have to? The easiest dollar to make is the one you save – and the easiest dollar to save are the ones you pay to the government in taxes! Your accountant doesn’t have the time to ask you about every deduction you are entitled to. And the IRD […]