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“Starting a Business is NOT a Risk, Keeping a Job IS…”

Copyright (c) 2007   It has been taught over the years by the society that everyone should go to school so that they can get a good job. The problem these days is that too many people are doing what society have told them to do for years and that is to get aContinue reading ““Starting a Business is NOT a Risk, Keeping a Job IS…””

Know When Negotiating Isn’t Worth It

Graeme Fowler is a well-known property investor in New Zealand. In  2000, his best-selling book, Real Estate Investors Secrets, was released. He published another book, 20 Rental Properties for One Year, which tells the story of how he set a particular goal and went about achieving it. Graeme and I had known each other sinceContinue reading “Know When Negotiating Isn’t Worth It”

Suddenly poor in the rich city

In Zurich tens of thousands of people are affected by poverty. They are hardly noticed. Oliver is one of them – a story of descent. If Oliver learns a woman, he immediately declares: “I always say three things. First: I am poor. Second, I am sick. Thirdly: “Oliver stops. His gaze is glassy, his concentration fades. The conversation exhausted him. Oliver suffers fromContinue reading “Suddenly poor in the rich city”