“Starting a Business is NOT a Risk, Keeping a Job IS…”

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It has been taught over the years by the society that everyone should go to school so that they can get a good job. The problem these days is that too many people are doing what society have told them to do for years and that is to get a decent job.

When they think of starting their own home based business, they instantly feel like starting one is like a foreign language for them. Starting a business would be too risky. Their mind would reject it.

People would find many reasons why they should not start one. They will find all sorts of excuses why they will not do it. A lot of people, even when they thought about starting a business for months and even years would still say that it would be a huge risk for them and they can not do it.

In today’s world, many companies are downsizing and letting many people go. Doesn’t matter who you are in the company. From the regular employee to middle management, to upper management. CEO’s, Vice President, supervisors, etc. It does not matter. You are also at risk.

If the company that you are working for decided to let you go, what would you do? Wouldn’t this hurt you and your family’s finances in a big way.

Many companies even tell a few of their long-time employees that their job is secured and there is no way that they would be laid off. You can walk into work one morning expecting to work your regular hour’s shift and can find yourself invited into a meeting room by the management for like a few short minutes, and then back home again right after that meeting without a job. You can be gone with no warning at all.

Imagine if you had a job and, at the same time, a part time business. If one day the company that you are working for decides to let you go too, don’t you think that you would feel safer?

Keeping a job and thinking that it is safer and less risky than starting your own business is making a big mistake.

If you have a plan on how to start any type of business, then it would be very smart of you to start it even though you have a job now.

Think about this:

There are plenty of people in the world who had jobs and at the same time had a part time business. One day they lost their job but they did not lose the income that was necessary for them to make so that they can pay everyday bills.

They knew that if the day of losing their job would come sooner or later, they would be ready for it and have a business run on the side.

If you have a job and want to start a business then just start it. Sure you will have to have a plan in place, a good idea, the finances, and the right motivation. You MUST take that step in your life. This is for you and your family’s sake. You will also have to re-program your mind to think like a business person.

One of the main reasons why people are scared to start a business is really because their minds have been programmed for years and years by their parents, friends and the media to get an Education so that it will help them to get a “good job”.

In conclusion, the only way to really feel secure and be in control of your own destiny is to be in business for yourself.

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