Gratis offices in Zurich at one of the most prestige business addressed in the world.

Gratis offices in Zurich at one of the most prestige business addressed in the world.

The Swiss Bank, ZKB sponsors the project to the people. The free office space are just off the Bahnhofstrasse and around the Paradeplatz:


An office space in a prominent position? Perhaps, at the Zurich Bahnhofstrasse? And yet free? What many appear as a dream, is a reality. Even though with some limitations. For instance: The workspaces can only be booked for a relatively short times.

Specifically, it is about a 20 workstations, of which six are in a separate workshop room at Bahnhofstrasse 9. This is also the headquarters of the Zürcher Kantonalbank, which has just been remodeled and will open next Monday. The Swiss Bank is the initiator and sponsor of the “Büro Züri / Office Züri” and provides the workstations on the ground floor at the corner Bahnhofstrasse / Börsenstrasse. Workstation means table, lamp, “first-class” office chair (self-promotion), connections for electricity, WiFi and a caddy as storage space for personal items. The workshop room is equipped for video conferencing and presentations. However, the laptop must be brought along.


The Third Place Principle

“The concept is based on the third-place principle,” says ZKB spokeswoman. It is about the mobility of the workplace. First Place is the Companies Office, Second Place, the home office at home and the third place is outside and to promote meetings, exchanges, and inspiration.

Third-place workspaces are already widely used in the USA; Switzerland is still in its infancy. Private offer courses, especially for business travelers. The SBB, the Swiss Train Company, have set up at stations in Berne and Geneva called Business Points, shopping centers are discussing introducing such office spaces. Everywhere you pay rent. Not at the Swiss Bank. Here, even the coffee and mineral water included. “It is a gift of Swiss Bank to the population,” says spokeswoman.


The Hour Office

This gift has been well accepted by several thousand people who made online reservations. In other words: At times, some weeks are almost fully booked. Among the interested parties are start-ups, small teams from all possible areas and individuals, says project manager.

Can you set up comfortably at ZKB headquarters now? Probably not. “Thought the offer is for a short time use.” At most one can reserve a working day (9 to 19 pm). Also, reservations are not possible for Mondays. There is no requirement to be a client of ZKB, and reservations are possible up to two months in advance.

Those who had no luck with a reservation do not have to completely despair. There are limited spaces for impromptu workspace bookings.