Work and Travel in Neuseeland

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Work and Travel in Neusealand Daniel s Erfahrungsbericht(No span, ever. Emails are never shared)

Hast Du Lust über meine Erfahrungen in Neuseeland zu hören?

Wann und wo: In Zürich zwischen dem 23 Juni bis … 7 Juli.

Derzeit bereite ich die ca. 90-minütige Präsentation vor. Ich habe geplant, spannende Anekdoten und Hintergrund Information von meiner über 20-Jährigen Erfahrung in Neuseeland zu berichten und natürlich begleiten ganz viele, tolle Fotos die Präsentation bevor wir Zeit für zur Deine Fragen haben.

Also: ich freu mich sehr, wenn Du per Klick auf dem Foto Dein Interesse zeigst.  So kann ich Dich später über Ort und Datum informieren.

Ich email Dir auch einen kurzen Fragebogen um sicher zu sein, dass ich Deine Fragen in der Präsentation beantworte.

Tschüss und bis bald,


cropped-img_9423-1.jpgAbout Daniel Feller

Daniel Feller immigrated to New Zealand from Switzerland over two decades ago. Initially, he visited New Zealand to learn English and bridge the European winter to cycle. He wanted to learn English rather than American, South Africa was too dangerous, and Australia was where the British Empire sent their prisoners a long time ago. Kiwi English and the mild summer climate was a perfect match.

In 80 days, Phileas Fogg attempts to go around the world in Jules Verne’s adventure story. Daniel thinks that New Zealand can offer such an experience just in New Zealand. There is no other place in the world, where it is possible to ski on snow on an active volcano in the morning and surf in the dark blue ocean on the black sand west coast beaches in the afternoon (this is now possible in Auckland – 10-minute drive by car from snow to the beach).

Determined to study at university but discriminated against by the Swiss school system at the time, Daniel immigrated to New Zealand. He attended The University of Auckland and later Massey University. From which Daniel has gained two bachelors and a master’s degree.

Daniel is passionate about teaching, research, and entrepreneurship. Hence, he is a lecturer in accounting and finance at leading universities and founded several successful businesses in New Zealand.

As a former representative at Cycling World Championships for Switzerland, two-time Ironman finisher, and New York marathon runner Daniel enjoys keeping fit.

That’s important indeed. New Zealand offers a broad range of awesome food and great red and white wines.