Property lottery: From $285,000 to $7 million

Cherie Howie shouted in today’s NZHerald that the sale of a Whenuapai (West Auckland) land sale was better than Lotto. Let’s analyse this claim and see whether we agree or not. From the article we understand that an investment of $285,000 in 1995 increased in value to $7,000,000 in this month’s sale. Furthermore, the vendorContinue reading “Property lottery: From $285,000 to $7 million”

3 reason PhD candidates should become bloggers.

First, a CV style page is useful for others to find you and learn about your (common) interests (vis versa too) For examples, I have connected with a researcher in Canada, who did is helping me to learn Text analysis from Twitter.Second, a blog is a great way to teach others what you’ve know ( SomeContinue reading “3 reason PhD candidates should become bloggers.”