The reality of renting in Auckland

Every day a papers print a story on New Zealand or in particular Auckland housing issues they are written and edited by the papers staff. They choose who they talk to and into what “sensation” it is going to be turned into.

Headlines that “modern” generation has been locked out of the housing and rental market are as old as newspapers. Is should take no time to find such claims in the 60’, 70’s, 80’, 90’ and even in the new millennium. Nevertheless, people now older, when they were in your age bracket found ways to buy their first property.

Not that there is something wrong with Sandringham. But if you’re after a very nice place and can afford $450 for a bedroom, please find 3 or 4 mates and I find you such beautiful home and sublet it to you. Handsome weekly cash flow to someone with imagination and creativity I can smell.

Going to viewings is even worth then networking for some. But surely someone in your profession does have a large network with plentiful of friendly property managers or people in the real estate industry. To start with, how’s your relationship with your current landlord?

Lots of good things in life ranging from great hidden holiday spots  to career or business opportunities, first homes or rental properties are seldom advertises. Good things are passed on within networks of friends and acquaintance. I doubt that gen X or gen Y have figured that out too! Indeed this behaviour  can be observed every day at universities, workplaces or sports by watching people going places.

The answer? If you’re a gen X or gen Y and are winging, stop winging. Accept that, as previous generations before you, you will not be given life on a silver platter. If you truly want something go after it and figure out a way. That may include sacrifices such as self-education in financial literacy so that you can make better and informed financial decisions or finding ways to make more money. There is a limit how much one can save or budged . It’s much easier to increase ones income streams.

New York is hardly comparable with Auckland in what the two great cities have to offer. However, rents in New York are significant more expensive than in Auckland. With a range of NZ$2,514 to NZ$ 8,273 per month or +114 to +216% for a 1 to 3 bedroom apartment in or outside the New York city centre (

Finally, glad to see you don’t blame the Government for this predicament. Although the Government does play its part in it. However, as happiness comes from within so does what choices we make to have the housing and lifestyle one desires.

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